Josh Powers


When I was in middle school, a friend gave me a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop 5.0 (yeah... I'm old) and I started designing desktop backgrounds for my parents' computer (yeah... I was super cool). I have been a graphic designer ever since. I, honestly, never considered any other profession. It was love at first byte (see what I did there?). A number of decades later, I still love what I do. I take great pride in my work and put passion into every point, click, and pixel. If I never needed to work another day of my life, I'd still design websites and brand elements for fun. I love that there is always something more to learn... Some new way to improve. I love that every client is different (even the difficult kind). I deeply enjoy the pursuit of the perfect strategy to deliver the perfect message to the perfect target. Over the course of my career, I have developed basically anything with a logo on it (from business cards to vehicle wraps, branded swag to uniforms, websites to software UI/UX, even audio/video production, photography, and copywriting) as well as the logo itself. I have built brands for companies so new they didn't have a name and rebranded companies that have been established for generations. I have worked for/with clients ranging in size from one to thousands of employees and in capacities from entry-level to executive. Long story short (too late), I have pretty much done it all, to some degree. If you need something I cannot deliver, I'm sure I know and trust someone who can. My experience has provided me with the ability to, not only, take a project or company from concept to production (and beyond). But, also to solve problems and assist in formulating efficient internal processes and strategies to ensure effective integration of newly developed marketing capabilities.

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